BilloTheWisp: March 2021

By the screams of pain, Katenies said it sounded just like the police had been continuing to tighten the handcuffs as Kahentinetha cried out. Science Minister Amanda Solloway mentioned: “As we build again higher from the pandemic, it is partnerships like this between business, industry and authorities that will help to create jobs and produce ahead pioneering improvements that will advance UK spaceflight. That is in fact, when you believe the wind industry. Katenies was placed in a cell and will hear the officers bring in Kahentinetha. As officers attacked Katenies, Kahentinetha was on her cell phone calling members of the family and authorities for help. A household member arrived at the same time and was capable of get an ambulance immediately for Kahentinetha and she was transported to a hospital. Katenies was transported to jail in Cornwall, the place she remained from Saturday till Monday night. Katenies has been released from a Canadian jail and is in seclusion. Update: Telephone interview on Tuesday afternoon with Katenies, crushed by Canadian police and border agents.

Katenies, in a phone interview on Tuesday afternoon, described the police assault on the ladies on the border. Kahentinetha, publisher of Mohawk Nation News, suffered a coronary heart assault and is in a Canadian hospital. The handcuffs minimize off Kahentinetha’s circulation and she suffered a heart assault. Katenies could hear Kahentinetha yelling for them to loosen the handcuffs. Katenies mentioned the girls have been returning to Canada from a visit in the US, after they have been stopped at the border. AKWESASNE — Mohawk grandmothers Kahentinetha Horn and Katenies had been in custody at the US/Canadian border, when the 2 ladies had been handcuffed and crushed by gangs of officers and border patrol agents on Saturday, June 14, 2008. Eight officers beat Kahentinetha, sixty eight years previous, and five officers beat Katenies. On Saturday, when Katenies refused to get out of the automobile, five big Canadian officers and border agents jumped on her, dragged her out and threw her to the concrete, grinding her chin into the concrete.

In the sooner case she had stopped at a border check and was granted permission to cross, however border brokers later claimed she was not cleared to move. Your donation to the legal defence fund for Kahentinetha and Katenies would be enormously appreciated. Katenies said the women were not charged, however had been told they would be charged at a later date. Katenies was instructed she had an earlier warrant. When she refused to recognize the authority of the Canadian authorities over her, a warrant resulted. She had refused to recognize the authority of the Canadian government over her. When Kahentinetha refused to hold up, eight officers attacked her. Kahentinetha was handcuffed in a stress hold. Here the concepts of time and distance are investigated for varied objects of different weights propelled through the air at totally different angles. Well, if matter / vitality have always existed, that is more than sufficient time for something and every thing that’s doable to happen, occurs. She said the elders have talked about these items and in contrast it to the inspiration of a house being removed.

The Earth Mother will collapse in the event that they proceed to extract these items from her physique, she stated of gold mining and petroleum extraction. You can’t be too giving, in any other case the kid will develop up to be an adult who waits for things to fall on their lap, and also you can’t just throw your children on the market with no assist, otherwise they may grow as much as be not only psychologically damaged however means behind anybody else in the “race for success”. There are cases where couples with a single child face issues with the child. Through the past few months, hundreds of people who used Natox saw their wrinkles disappear and their face get again its former radiance, glow and youthful appearance. She identified the various methods the US government makes an attempt to coop Native people and seize their lands and minerals. Western Shoshone Carrie Dann, talking on the gold mining devastating Western Shoshone lands today, said the mountains are being destroyed for minuscule quantities of gold. Speakers include Robert Shimek (Anishinaabe) from Minnesota; Carrie Dann, Western Shoshone; Samuel McKay (Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwu) from Big Trout Lake First Nations, Ontario; Pennelys Goodshield (Anishinaabe) with the Sustainable Nations Development Project and Jeff Tobe of the Solar Energy International.